No matter if you are an individual looking for people to play with or a business trying to reach new customers, our mobile platform allows you to quickly and easily navigate games all across the city.


Create Games

If you can't find a game you want to join, you can start your own. Directly invite friends through PickUP Sports, announce your event on Facebook, or open it up to the public to find new people to play. If your event doesn't fill up, we'll help you find a game to play.


Find Games

Our easy-to-navigate map view gives you an overview of all the games happening in your city. Custom filters and preferences allow you to see only the games you want to see.


Set Preferences

We make finding the games you want to play as easy as possible. After a quick setup, customize your notifications based on sports, time or location. Never miss out on a game again.


We are currently developing and testing our product. We will do small group testing this winter and will have a working product by Spring 2018, just in time for the next season of PickUP Sports. 

If you, or anyone you know, has interest in becoming a part of our testing team, contact us through the website or email our Founder directly at