'Get out and play' is an easy suggestion to give a child when they are feeling down, but it seems as adults we forget that simple remedy to some of our most basic challenges. Sports have the ability to improve our physical and emotional well-being, all while connecting us to the people in our community.

Physical Health

If you have any connection to modern media, you have likely heard the phrase "sitting is the new smoking." One of the greatest challenges facing Americans today is a sedentary lifestyle, the most obvious impact of which is the increase of obese and overweight individuals. According to research, nearly 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese, a condition that leads to a wide-variety of health problems. The solution to this problem is obvious: adults need to be more active. But with all of the responsibilities and time commitments of adulthood, prioritizing activity becomes increasingly difficult. 

PickUP Sports makes it fun and easy to stay active without monotonous exercise routines or weekly commitments.

Obesity Rates in the United States



As if health problems weren't enough, our modern lifestyle brings about something that is even more troubling, and possibly just as deadly: loneliness. At some point in their lives, nearly 40% of Americans report having extreme feelings of loneliness. To further complicate things, recent studies have shown that loneliness increases your risk of death by as much as 60%. This problem only gets worse as we age and making new relationships becomes more difficult.

PickUP Sports provides a platform to connect with people throughout your community, allowing you to make new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

Number of Close Relationships


Turn on the news and you will quickly see that the United States as a whole is suffering a mental health crisis. Like obesity and loneliness, this problem is complicated and complex, with no single cause or effect. However, research by the National Institute for Play emphasizes the importance of play - both in childhood and adulthood - for happiness and growth. Play helps people create relationships and community, acts as a stress reliever, and provides a fun alternative to routine exercise.

Innovation, flexibility, adaptability, resilience, have their roots in movement. They sculpt the brain, and ready the player for the unexpected and unusual.
— National Institute for Play